电是一种奇妙的东西. But one thing we all need to think about when it comes to electricity is safety. am8亚美官网需要知道它有多强大和危险. Contact with electricity can cause electrical shock, burns or even death. 电 is all around us and we want you to know how to live with it safely.




不使用电器时拔掉插头. 如果一个电器反复烧断保险丝, 触发了断路器或者电击了你, 拔掉插头,修理或更换.


Check bulbs in light fixtures to make sure they are the correct wattage. 当瓦数高于建议值时,更换灯泡. If you don't know the correct wattage, check with the manufacturer of the fixture. Make sure bulbs are screwed in securely; loose bulbs may overheat.


Halogen floor lamps operate at higher temperatures than standard incandescent light bulbs. Never place a halogen floor lamp where it could come in contact with 布料, 衣物或其他可燃材料. Be sure to turn the lamp off whenever you leave the room for an extended period of time and never use them in children's bedrooms or playrooms.


空间加热器提供补充热量. Keep space heaters 3 feet away from any combustible material such as: bedding, 服装, 布料, 家具和地毯. Don't use a space heater in rooms where children are unsupervised. 不使用时一定要拔掉插头.


  1. Electric-powered equipment should not be used in the rain, 靠近洒水装置或水管, 在潮湿的草地或地面上.
  2. Inspect power tools and electric lawn tools before each use for frayed power cords, 插头破损,外壳破裂或破损. If damaged, stop using it immediately and repair or replace it.
  3. Always use an extension cord marked for outdoor use and rated for the power needs of your tools.
  4. Remember to unplug all portable power tools when not in use.
  5. Make sure outdoor electrical outlets are grounded and have weather-proof covers. 安装GFCI以防止冲击.
  6. Since metal ladders conduct electricity, watch out for overhead wires and power lines.

出口绳子 & 插头安全


检查插座插头是否松动. 这些会过热并导致火灾. 更换任何丢失或破损的墙板. Make sure to use safety covers on all unused outlets when accessible to children. 避免在插座上放太多电器.


确保你的插头适合你的插座. Never remove the ground pin (the third prong) to make a three-prong plug fit a two-conductor outlet; this could lead to an electrical shock. 如果插头插不进去,千万不要强行插进去. 插头应牢固地插入插座.


电线在使用时不应发热. Be sure cords are in good condition - not frayed or cracked. 绳子 should never be nailed or stapled to the wall, baseboard or to another object. Do not place cords under carpets or rugs or rest any furniture on them and place them outside of traffic areas.


检查电线是否过载. 另外, extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis; they are not intended as permanent household wiring. Make sure extension cords have safety closures to help prevent young children from shock hazards and mouth burn injuries.

电力线路 & 设备安全

  1. No one can tell if an electric wire is "off or on" simply by looking at it. Treat all unknown electrical wires as if they were energized and possibly dangerous.
  2. If you see a power line that is hanging low or lying on the ground, STAY AWAY! 像这样的线可以突然移动.
  3. 不要在垫式变压器箱上或附近玩耍. If you see one unlocked, report it to Minnesota Valley immediately. This is as dangerous as an overhead line being down and should be treated the same way.
  4. Do not touch an object or person who is touching a power line. 立即呼救.
  5. If you are in a vehicle that is touching a power line, stay inside and wait for help. 如果车辆着火,你必须下车, 从车上跳下来, being sure not to touch the ground and vehicle at the same time.
  6. 在使用梯子或其他长物体之前抬头看看. 如果你要爬到树上, be very careful to never climb one that has power lines through or near the limbs. There is danger not only from actually touching the wires, but the wind or your weight can cause a limb to touch a wire, causing a danger of electrocution to anyone in or near the tree.
  7. 千万不要以任何理由爬上电线杆.
  8. Do not go near electric power equipment such as substations, pad-mounted变形金刚, 电线杆, 电线或电表.
  9. Never fly kites, balloons, model airplanes or other toys near power lines or in a storm. 找个开阔的地方让它们飞.

Call Minnesota Valley to untangle anything that gets snagged in power lines.

浪涌保护器 & 断路器


Surge suppression devices should be installed on all sensitive electronic equipment in your home such as: entertainment systems, 电脑, 等. Surge suppressors protect equipment from possible power outages, brownouts or power surges. Minnesota Valley has several types of surge protectors available to members. We can help you choose the best possible surge protection device for your needs. For more information, please contact the 会员服务 Department at 320.269.2163 or 800.247.5051. We will be happy to help you get started on getting yourself covered.


Circuit breakers and fuses should be the correct size current rating for their circuit. If you do not know the correct size, have an electrician identify and label the size to be used. 总是用相同尺寸的保险丝更换保险丝.

水 & 电


gfci可以帮助防止触电. They should be used in any area where water and electricity may come into contact. When a GFCI senses current leakage in an electrical circuit, it assumes a ground fault has occurred. 然后它会切断电源. Test GFCIs regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions to make sure they are working properly.


Don't leave plugged-in appliances where they might come into contact with water. 永远不要在浴缸附近插电. If a plugged-in appliance falls into water, NEVER reach in to pull it out - even if it's turned off. First turn off the power source at the panelboard and then unplug the appliance. 如果你的电器被弄湿了, don't use it until it has been checked by a qualified repair person.